Lithium-Ion Batteries with

50% Shorter charging time Lower heat generation Improved safety

  • The Aligned Graphite® Technology reduces the charging time of electric vehicles by up to 50%. In addition, the technology reduces the heat generation during charging and discharging thus increasing system safety and durability. Batteries with Aligned Graphite® offer higher power performance and can save weight and lower costs in HEV and BEV applications.

  • For demanding applications such as power tools and drones where fast charging and high power are key, the Aligned Graphite® Technology helps OEMs to address costumer needs. Aligned Graphite® reduces charging time by up to 50% and increases power capability significantly while also increasing safety.

  • The strong demand for battery cells from the automotive industry which require very high quality levels, ever increasing performance, and drastic price reductions, causes battery manufacturers to have low tolerance for risk and processes that reduce productivity, waste, or safety in any way. Commoditisation of batteries, however, push battery manufacturers to search for new approaches that can help to differentiate. Battrion’s Aligned Graphite ® Technology offers a solution to this problem. It increases both charge and discharge performance of lithium-ion batteries while also making them safer. The technologiy is minimal invasive, has full compatibility with today’s manufacturing materials and processes and does not reduce production speed. In addition, by broadening the selection of graphite active materials that can be used in high-performance lithium-ion batteries, it can help bring down cost.

Aligned Graphite® Technology

The Aligned Graphite® Technology allows controlling the orientation of flake graphite particles in the negative electrode for lithium-ion batteries. Orienting the flakes vertically leads to short effective lithium transport distances and therefore to very high charging currents without degradation.



Battrion offers Aligned Graphite® and regular graphite electrodes for lithium-ion batteries.
You can choose from our electrode portfolio or get electrodes customized to meet your demands.


About Us

Battrion was founded as a Spin-off of ETH Zurich in the year 2015 with the goal of making better, more sustainable batteries. We have come a long way since then. By improving the structure of the negative electrode, we are able to make high power and fast charging batteries that outperform the industry standard while increasing the sustainability of the industry.

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