Battrion Aligned Graphite® Technology

Shorter diffusion paths – higher performance and safety!

The Aligned Graphite® Technology is a fabrication technology for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. It allows to control the orientation of flake graphite particles in the negative electrode. Orienting the flakes vertically leads to short effective lithium transport distances. This has several advantages:

Lower cell resistance

The Aligned Graphite® Technology, aligns the graphite particles in the negative electrode. This shortens the diffusion paths of the lithium-ions and thereby significantly reduces the cell resistance. This allows for much higher discharge rates.

Shorter charging time (-50%)

By aligning the graphite particles in the negative electrode the diffusion paths are shortened. This allows for higher charging rates. In fact the Aligned Graphite® Technology can cut charging times in half.

Less heat generation

The Aligned Graphite® Technology, aligns the graphite particles in the negative electrodes. Shorter diffusion paths means less cell resistance. This has a direct impact on the heat generation within the cell upon charging or discharging. 

Improved Safety (lower risk of thermal runaway)

Reducing the resistance of the battery leads to lower heat generation during charging and discharging. This decreases the risk for thermal runaways and makes cells with Aligned Graphite® safer. In addition, aligning the graphite particles pushes the onset of lithium plating, a dangerous side process that happens during fast charging, to higher charging rates.


The Aligned Graphite® Technology increases the performance and safety of batteries. Better batteries mean less bad batteries are built and used. This is particularly important in regard to electric mobility where fewer good batteries can replace the amount of bad batteries that would otherwise be put into an EV. This cuts down the CO2 emissions. In addition, the Aligned Graphite® Technology increases material efficiency by enabling the use of less processed flake graphite. This means less waste and reduced costs. 

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